How to Make Your Contemporary Bathroom Look More Expensive

How to Make Your Contemporary Bathroom Look More Expensive

In most homes, the bathroom is one of the most expensive parts of renovation or remodeling.  This does not mean you should spend a hefty budget for every renovation you carry out in your bathroom. You can still get a contemporary bathroom of your dreams even if you can’t afford marble tiles and claw-foot tubs. The following are some of the options or steps that can transform your bathroom right now;

Be Smarter with Containers and Storages

To maximize space in your bathroom you need to optimize space. You should consider storing your cotton balls, toothbrush, and other items inside matching containers instead of the storage you purchased those items in.

Upgrade the bath mat

To make your bathroom appear more stylish and expensive, you should consider removing those cloth bathroom mats. One of the trending mat types now is the Persian or Turkish bathroom rug that provides even more inspiration. The beautiful patterns found in modern bathroom rugs can be eye-catching and they are popular for adding some personality and sophisticated appeal to your space.

Hook Things Up

One way of optimizing unused spaces in your bathroom is to provide hooks to hang some items. Getting the most out of your bathroom means having a clean look and appeal. You should consider hanging a small ring for your towel, and you can also install a hook for your bathrobe especially behind the bathroom door. You should also consider some handy rods for clothes you use to clean the bathroom.

Add some brass and copper to your bathroom

Brass and copper can add so much style to any contemporary bathroom. They give any space more visual appeal since they are not chrome or any other basic finishes. You don’t have to replace all your faucets if you are adding brass and copper, you can add such finishes to your soap dish, magnifying mirror, and cotton board jars to achieve your aim.

Dress Up Your Bathroom Walls

Plain and old bathroom walls can make your bathroom very dull. Even the addition of wallpapers can give your bathroom a very sleek and new appearance. If you don’t have sufficient funds to perform a full bathroom renovation, simply go for a roll or two of water-resistant bathroom wallpapers which is quite cheap. Make sure the wallpapers you choose are not too busy or too dull.

Enhance Your Bathroom Lighting

One of the greatest decisions you can make to transform your bathroom is to remove those builder-grade lightings with some sleek pendants or chandelier. Many people often think that chandeliers and pendants are luxuries, but in actual sense, they are affordable and can transform any space.


To transform your bathroom into a modern, and stylish one, you need to add a seating spot. It resembles a garden stool and it offers a great chance to perch in your bathroom. You should go for the minimalist designs like stainless steel that must offer enough legroom. A seating spot in your bathroom can help you relax before or after you get busy.


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